World Gone Wrong

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Years Active 1993-1998
Members - Eric Christianson (guitar)
- Nic Hengen (guitar)
- Andy Cook (bass)
- Kelsey Conner (drums)
- Tyson Weaver (among others) (vocals)

Formed in Rapid City in early 1993. Also known as W.G.W. This band survived here in Rapid City, on a steady diet of alcohol and bad behavior, for four or five years give or take. What may have been some of the best years of the scene here flew by in an instant and we thought it would never end. I still can see that atomic-cafe full to capacity and the sidewalks busy with kids. Wish we could do it all again!


Live Recordings

  • 1996 -Fury 66 show(live @ the A Cafe) lost



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