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Updated site to MediaWiki version 1.39.3 and Tweeki skin version 2.0.2.

Added new State of the Union video the RCPRA YouTube channel sent in by Darsha Cecil.

Added new Echo People video the RCPRA YouTube channel sent in by Jason Beert.

Added new Haw and Corundum videos the RCPRA YouTube channel and various pics/flyers sent in by Tony Hamm.

Added various flyers and new videos from 400 Miles of Shit, Kill Your Idols and a couple American Heavy Metal Weekend shows thanks to Jason Beert. Also all of the previous missing videos in the archive have now been moved to the new RCPRA YouTube channel.

Updated MediaWiki to 1.36.2 and new Tweeki theme.

Added various flyers and photos to the timeline.

Added various flyers, photos and videos (NoMeansNo, Avail, Yankee Wuss, a bunch of local bands) thanks to Jason Beert.

Added various flyers and Limbic Salad pics.

Added Kids Eat Free live video from 10/16/92 to the archive.

Added photos, videos, and info for Vietnam Glasses and Old thanks to J. Waylon Porcupine.

Added photos of The Murder City Devils in 1999 provided by Adrienne Rochester.

Started adding audio archive shows to the KTEQ page. This will be the location to find any radio shows that were recorded by KTEQ DJs. You can search by DJ name or by date and stream the recording.

Added audio of The Mr. T Experience recorded at KTEQ in 1989.

Added audio of No Means No recorded 6/28/91 at the Days Inn. Tape provided by Jesse Fletcher.

Added photos of Man Versus provided by Tyrone Schock.

Added video of Hand Over Fist recorded 6/9/90 opening for Filth.

Added videos of Hinge, One Will Come and The Murder Projects recorded 6/2/93 at the Old Storybook Island Shelter. Tape provided by Shane Thomas.

Added audio of Dissent recorded 2/11/89 at the The Grange, Ft. Collins, CO. The audio was rescued from an unusable VHS tape.

Added photos of The Reddmen provided by Adrienne.

Added audio recording of The Dread – 8/15/91 – KTEQ Radio – Rapid City, SD.

Added audio recordings of Mothermai and The Tards recorded live at KTEQ, Lack Of Social Decency – 7/27/91 – KTEQ Radio – Rapid City, SD and Alien Boys – 4/17/91 – KTEQ Radio – Rapid City, SD.

Added audio recording of Quest For Fire - Demo, Four Hundred Miles Of Shit/Hunger Pains Split 7” and B.A.I.L. – 1996 Practice Tape provided by Jason Adler.

Added audio recording of Spitboy recorded live at KTEQ Radio on 7/27/91 and Stand Up recorded live over the air as well as a studio recording from 6/17/91.

Added audio recordings of Monsula and Phleg Camp recorded live at KTEQ Radio on 7/18/91.

Added information and music for Yoknapatawpha provided by Jason Adler.

Added information for Fuckgodintheface, 400 Miles Of Shit and Human Certainty provided by Jason Adler.

Added missing tracks from State Of The Union discography CD and updated SOTU 7" tracks to better quality recordings.

Added videos of Sleight Of Hand, Red Champion and The Reddmen in Pierre shot in 2000.

Added photos of Dissent, Log Jam and Social Joke provided by Troy Zoller.

Added Saffron comp and recordings provided by Jason Beert.

Added Via Breath Deep zine and various zines provided by Luther Rochester. Also added Via Project 1 demo cover provided by Michael Haeder.

Added Red Champion and Hope You Choke demo recordings provided by Jason Beert.

Added various band stickers/patches, Dissent - Last Goodbyes lyric booklet provided by Brett Clark.

Zine section was fixed. Added multiple issues of RAGE zine provided by Sara Ellis Conant. Added Night Porter recordings provided by Jessica Catron.

MediaWiki skin was updated and CSS fixed. Added Kids Eat Free and Hissy Fit practice recordings provided by Jessica Catron.

Added 13 flyers from '95-'97 provided by Matthew Heard to the Timeline.

Added various flyers and updates to the Timeline section.

Added Sensefield at the Atomic Cafe in '94 to the Videos section.

Added Throttlebody, Los Huevos, Refused, Snapcase and SOTU pics to the archive provided by Larry Dean.

Added 9 flyers from '93-'94 provided by Brooke Miller to the Timeline.

Added audio recordings from 400 Miles Of Shit, The Hate Game, Sleight Of Hand, Woman Is The Earth and Stagger Lee.

Added Man Versus' Demo cassette and a much better copy of the Eleven Strap Demo.

Added Via's Project 1 Demo cassette to the Archive as well as 36 flyers from '97-'00 provided by Dustin Jabowski to the Timeline.

Added Shawn Krush's "The Emergence of Punk Rock in Rapid City" link to the top menu under "RC Punk History". Added various flyers and added Red Champion video.

Most of the videos from the Archive have been migrated over to Vimeo for ease of viewing/sharing. Look for all of them to be available in the next couple of days. Rapid City Punk Rock Archive Vimeo Page

Due to the extreme amount of spam, we have disabled the new account creation option. If you would like an account to edit pages, please find us on the Rapid City 1980's - 1990's Punk Rock Scene Facebook Page and request a new account. We would be happy to provide one for you.

Added about 70 new "old" flyers to the Timeline along with misc. updates and removed the "Forum" due to lack of posts and incredible amount of spam. We suggest you check out the Rapid City 1980's - 1990's Punk Rock Scene Facebook Page for a more lively discussion.

Cleaned up and formatted a few band pages and added photos to the The_Skasmonauts.

Cleaned up and formatted a few band pages and added photos to the N.H.C. and Social Joke pages.

Added "See Also" link to each band's page to provide an area to link to related bands. Thanks to J. Waylon Porcupine for the suggestion.

Thanks to everyone who has created an account and updated the site. I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff that I've missed, so if you have any questions on how to make an account, just send a message to and I can walk you through it.

Welcome to the new and improved Rapid City Punk Rock Archive! After months of work we are proud to introduce the new format for the archive. As you will see, some major things have changed.

First, everything is a Wiki page now, so anyone can create an account and start editing or adding. Second, there's a brand new bulletin board for people to use, so please register and start using it. Third, I pulled all the miscellaneous pictures out of the photo database and stuck them on Flickr in a "Group Pool" so if anyone wants to add a photo, they can easily upload it to their Flickr account and throw it in the pool. There's also an RSS feed so if someone does drop something new in, the picture shows up in your aggregator! Also, anything tagged on Flickr w/"Rapid City Punk Rock Archive" or "RCPRA" can also easily be dropped in the pool. All of the photos of bands have been included on the individual band page. Fourth, there are now "Band Pages" where you can find all the information about the band in one handy place. Fifth, any information collected for a particular show (photos, flyers, videos, audio) can now be found by date on the "Timeline" page (or you can search site-wide for it using the search bar located above). Sixth, there is a woefully incomplete "Zines" section. We need some serious help on that section. And lastly, I was as meticulous as possible when putting anything up here. I tried to research dates as much as possible, all MP3s are tagged, all pictures are tagged, songs are put under their correct release info, etc. There's probably a few mistakes in there, but overall, it should be pretty damn accurate.

Hopefully this site will be constantly updated and when it is, we will post the changes here. You can subscribe to this page's RSS feed to keep track of all the latest news.

So have at it...