The Vampeebles

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Years Active 1996-early 1999
Members - Adam Stratmeyer (guitar/vox)
- Jason Severson (bass/vox)
- Josh Groethe (drums)
- Josh Salley (vox - 1999)

The Vampeebles played shitty punk tunes to the kids of Rapid City in the mid to late '90's. They played several shows at various venues with amazing bands, such as: Detestation, Born Dead Icons, Chinaski, Talk is Poison, Fat Day, Last of the Juanitas, Funeral Oration, Tralouma, and others. Then they stopped.


Haha, very funny.

Live Recordings

Ya, a bunch on a jam-box covered with a T-shirt.



There is one, it's on the breaker panel at Ernie November's.

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