State Of The Union

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State of the Union
Years Active 1992-2000
Members - Aaron Stone (bass)
- Joey Maas (drums/vocals)
- Josh Davila (guitar)
- Brian Gilbert (guitar)
- Mark Everett (guitar)
- Pat Johnson (samples/tapes)
- Kevin Lien (keyboards [1993])
- Tim Miller (bass)
- Clay Coull (vocals)

State Of The Union played dark, introspective, and despair-driven gloom core in a style that groups them with likes of Dystopia, Christdriver, Asbestodeath and even some Neurosis and Godflesh. Originally formed in Rapid City, South Dakota, State Of The Union toured the country extensively and were a staple feature of Minneapolis’ underground punk / crust shows during the mid-late 90’s. On the strength of their live performances and their self-released debut EP, they were picked up by Profane Existence Records, who released their Rez-Erection EP in 1995. Shortly after the release of their second EP, the band sought to escape the dead-end scene of Rapid City relocated as a unit to Seattle, Washington. Once settled they went to work recording their first full length release, also released by Profane Existence in 1998. Although the first pressing of 1000 albums sold out in a matter of weeks, it was never repressed due to a three-year hiatus of Profane Existence Records from 1999-2002. The band recorded a second LP, slated for release in 2000, but the project faltered without a label and State Of The Union disbanded shortly thereafter. While State Of The Union remain one of the lesser known bands on Profane Existence Records, they have one of the most fiercely loyal following even to this date. Former SOTU members have no dropped out of the scene by any means and play on today in several other Seattle area bands such as Sod Hauler, Wormwood, Arid Sea and The Prids.


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