Someday Best

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Image of Someday Best from summer 2020
Years Active 2016-present
Members - Wyatt Fenner (guitar/vocals)
- Alec Ruml (guitar/vocals)
- Anthony Centenio (bass)
- Ethan Piñero (drums)
- Thomas Lundy (former drums)
- Kris Ericson (former drums)

Someday Best formed in the fall of 2015, with members Wyatt, Alec, Anthony, and Thomas in a basement on the southside. They started with a slew of covers spanning NOFX, Iggy Pop, Jawbreaker, Op Ivy, etc. Their first official show was at the 2016 punk rock reunion opening for everyone else.


- Ignorance Is Bliss
- The Empress (III)
- Deep Rest

Live Recordings



- Bandcamp

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