Society's Trash

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Society's Trash
Years Active 1989-1990
Members - Joey Maas (drums)
- Craig Jackson (guitar)
- Aaron Antoine (bass)

Society's Trash was formed in 1989 and consisted of Joey Maas on drums, Craig Jackson on guitar, and Aaron Antoine on bass. They played their first show on September 24 (Joey's 16th birthday) to a decent-sized crowd at possibly the only punk rock show ever in Belle Fourche, SD, with Chickenshit Logjam and Straight From The Heart. Their music was inspired by bands such as Dead Silence and Dissent, although they definitely lacked the talent of either of those bands and focused on honing a more definitive "oompa-oompa" style. They played one other show in Spearfish, SD, with several other local bands. The highlight of their musical career was spending the day with Bob from Dissent in Rapid City, SD, recording a 7-song demo and running official Dissent errands with him. The demo was shortly thereafter released by Craig's "S.O.B. Productions." They also recorded a few unreleased songs prior to evolving into Hand Over Fist in early 1990.


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