Skin Shed

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Skin Shed
Years Active 1989-1991, 2016
Members - Brett Clark (vocals)
- Andy Daigle (bass)
- Dan Dittmer (guitar)
- Mike Geiger (drums)
- Cory Singsaas (drums)

Skin Shed (or is it Skinshed?) formed in 1989, with Dan Dittmer on guitar, Andy Daigle on bass, Mike Geiger on drums, and Brett Clark on vocals. Dan also played guitar in Straight from the Heart, and Mike was the drummer in Limbic Salad. This was the first band for Andy and Brett. Mike came up with the name.

The first several practices took place in the living rooms of parents’ houses, without a vocal microphone. Perhaps, this led to yelling vocals. Eventually, a relatively permanent practice space was set up in the back of Mike’s father’s architect shop. Straight from the Heart, Painful X-tremities, Limbic Salad, and Skin Shed took turns playing there in the evenings and on the weekends. The practice pad became a place to hang out and watch other bands. A couple practices also took place in Matt Kluber’s basement, winter of 1990-1991.

There was one song, “A Shot in the Dark,” which was unfortunately never played live. On the archive site, there is a recording of this song from practice, without a microphone.

Over a couple years, Skin Shed played shows with locals, as well as Eyes of Fluth, Fifteen, Filth, The Stench, Schlong, Nuisance, Slap of Reality, and others.

Many folks prepared artwork for Skin Shed. Mike did most of the artwork that was used for stickers and t-shirts. Dan drew the art used for the “Removed” stickers. Dave Asscherick did the caveman sticker. Kelly Hoops drew the businessman sitting on the world, the creature in the toxic waste, and the jumping kid.

July 2016, for the Rapid City Punk Rock Family Reunion, Skin Shed played a few songs. Cory Singsaas joined the band on drums. Much love to the Rapid City punk rock scene.


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