Quest For Fire

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Members - Jon Nielsen (guitar)
- Donnie Stanley (guitar)
- Jason Ader (drums)

At a punk-house party in the Spring of 1998, Sleight Of Hand guitarist, Jon Nielsen (who was 16 years old at the time) approached Donnie and Jason from 400 Miles Of Shit and asked them if they'd be into starting a side project with him. Knowing that John was a kick-ass guitarist, they immediately agreed.

Things fell into place and they wrote a handful of songs right away. They agreed that the songs sounded pretty good without vocals, and decided to keep the band instrumental. Though, they did hope to get a Bassist at some point.

They were all stoked on the project, but at this point in their lives, Donnie and Jason (who were 19 at the time) were ready to get the hell out of Rapid City. Since John wasn't quite old enough to do the same, Quest For Fire disbanded after only exiting for 6 months or so. But within that time, they played a couple of shows and recorded a 3-song Demo at the Bucket Of Blood in late 1998.

Donnie, Jason, and Shane moved out to Oregon in early 1999. Jason and Shane ended up in Eugene, where they formed Fuckgodintheface. And Donnie moved up to Portland where he formed Fall Of The Bastards.

John continued to play in Sleight Of Hand in Rapid City, before moving to Minneapolis a few years later and starting up the band, Knife World.


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