Painful X-tremities

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Painful X-tremities
Years Active Dates Needed
Members - Matt Kluber (drums, vocals)
- Dave "Death" Smith (bass)
- Van Stevens (guitar, vocals)
- Heath (guitar)
- Mike Weimer (bass)
- Tim Popa (drums)
- Brad Petersen (guitar/bass)
- Dave Nesheim (drums)

Band was formed in the early 80's while most of the were still in Middle School. The bands first name was Misjudge Youth. Later a good friend came up with Painful X-tremeties and the name stayed. Or what we call the band P.X. Throughout the years we've had some great talent in the band. From the beginning of the band there was several people. Some that I can think of was Matt, Dan, Van, Heath, Mike, Tim, Dave, and others. Everyone of the them were great and talented.

Currently known locations of the band members are unknown we all went our own ways in life after high school. Matt lives in Ohio with his wife and kid. Van lives in Washington state. Most everyone else is unknown but hope that all is well and having a full and happy life. As far as me Dave Death I have a great wife and 5 kids. Living in Spearfish working at the school district. Currently as of July 4, 2010 I'm in Kabul Afghanistan for a year tour.

All I can remember all the great memories that I've had with the other members of Painful X-tremeties. P.X. forever....


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