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Years Active Dates Needed
Members - Dave Nesheim (drums)
- Paul Henry (bass)
- Todd Peterson (vocals)
- Jason Fenner (guitar)
- Pat (guitar)
- Jason H. (guitar)

Easily the least talented of the late eighties bands (think Dissent, Social Joke, PX), N.H.C. did not stand for anything, but occasionally threw toast and condoms, once set a chicken on fire and tried to use flashpots a few times as well. Revolving heavy metal guitarists (and Jason H.) ended once we convinced Jason Fenner to put down his violin and learn how to play guitar. The demo tracks sound horrible (recorded by Bob as he learned what not to do on the Dissent album, like put reverb on the snare drum and let Jason H. run the phaser on his amp at 11), but it wasn't much better live.


Live Recordings



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