Modern Folklore

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Members - Dexter Carmen (Guitar/Vocals)
- Josh Shepperd (Guitar/Vocals)
- John Sawyer (Bass)
- Edward Flammond (Drums)

From the depths of a small cave in the midst of the Black Hills comes the hum of tube amplifiers and crashing cymbals of four souls trying to tune into an the ancient consciousness of noise, rhythm and melody.
Dexter Carmen (guitar, vocals), Ed Flammond (drums), John Sawyer (bass), and Josh Shepperd (guitar, vocals) crossed paths through a local DIY music venue called The Cave Collective which was started by Dexter and his wife.
Driven by depression and angst during the COVID pandemic, Dexter and Josh invited John and Ed to form a new band. Practices came together quickly with a chemistry that was palpable. They call themselves Modern Folklore—derived from a conversation describing their music and lyrical style. “We want to write songs with little messages or warnings taken from glimpses of life and hide them in noisy pop songs.”
Their music is heavily influenced from the post-punk revival and 90’s indie-rock music scenes. Their songs conjure the feelings of sitting in the warming sun, feeling good but a little melancholy; telling ghost stories with your friends around a campfire, abstract but relatable; or watching rays of light streaming through a dark forest.


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