Hand Over Fist

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Members - Brent Kuemmerle (BK) (bass)
- Craig Jackson (guitar/vocals)
- Joey Maas (drums)
- Aaron Antoine (guitar)

Hand Over Fist was formed in 1990 and included Joey Maas on drums, Craig Jackson on guitar, Aaron Antoine on guitar, and Brent Kuemmerle (also from Straight From The Heart) on bass. Their style was a continuation of their earlier band, Society's Trash, with the addition of a couple songs based on Dr. Seuss books as well as covers of Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and Bad Religion's "Sanity." They played their only show in June of that year with Filth, Fifteen, Skinshed, and Limbic Salad in Rapid City, SD, before breaking up.


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