Friends Of Cesar Romero

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Members - J. Waylon Porcupine (guitar/vocals)

With the shake of a tambourine and a quake of the pelvis, the pop-art garage-punks known as Friends Of Cesar Romero have crash-landed. FOCR have devolved the electric-guitar beat-combo into a thing of pants-shitting Neanderthal beauty. Pounding, menacing, snarling, and unaccustomed to flowery futuristic bullshit, the gang’s anthemic onslaught is ready to biff-bang-pow its way into your heart.


  • Red Headed Strangler b​/​w Tammys of Tomorrow 7"
  • The Hold b​/​w Teisco Telstar Stomp 7"
  • Singles Still Steady: Selected Discography from the Doomed Babe Series
  • Return To Zero
  • One's On The Way
  • Type II
  • Zeppelin Three (or How I Spent My Bummer Vacation)
  • Forget Our Useless Receiver
  • Cinco Seis
  • Varispeed Investors Inc
  • Octatonic Exile
  • Times Three Triads
  • I + IV + V

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