Four Score Hero

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Years Active 2012-present
Members - Derek Flick (guitar, vocals)
- Ryder VanLoh (guitar, vocals)
- Wyatt Pearson (bass)
- Mitchell Reese (drums)

Four Score Hero is an american Pop-Punk band. They were founded in 2012 by Guitarist Ryder VanLoh and Guitarist Derek Flick. Originally a 3 piece band consisting of; Derek Flick, Ryder VanLoh and Bo Smith they focused mainly on a power driven pop-punk sound. They soon developed a taste for the heavier side of the punk genre. Gaining a fourth member Mitchell Reese allowed them to have a heavier feel to their music and to broaden their sound. In February of 2015 they set out to record their debut album; Prologue. Shortly before the release of the album Bo smith left the band. Needing a new member to fill the spot of Smith they looked to close friends finding Wyatt Pearson. With the release of the 13 track album in October of 2015 they began work on a music video for their debut single Yes Way Yes How. Four Score Hero have just finished there first tour along the west coast.


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