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==== Live Recordings====
==== Live Recordings====
* [http://youtu.be/9TfejMpQH4E 2010-06-02 - Budd Ugly's - Rapid City, SD]
* [http://youtu.be/9TfejMpQH4E 2010-06-02 - Budd Ugly's - Rapid City, SD]
* [http://youtu.be/_Q8vxK7-Iz4 2015-10-26 - VFW Hall - Rapid City, SD]

==== Photos====  
==== Photos====  

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Years Active 2003-2016
Members - Jack Batchelder (drums)
- Jestin Jund (guitar)
- Sam French (guitar)
- Amanda Conway (bass)
- Jason Beert (guitar/vocals)
- Troy Zoller (guitar)
- Kevin Doorman (bass)
- Josh Salley (bass)

Corundum started as a solo project by a 🐔 🍭. The intent was to have songs titled with Geology/Paleontology themes, but the lyrics having a twist on the song titles. Jason soon realized he couldn't play guitar. Corundum started as downtuned, distorted guitar and odd samples. Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133 After a show, which Corundum did not play, at the now defunct Venue 8 (corner of Main and 8th in Rapid City), Jason asked Jack Batchelder if he'd be interested in playing drums along with him. Jack agreed, and the solo project became a 2-piece. Josh Salley had mentioned that he enjoyed what he heard (he may be one of the only ones who did), and he said if Corundum ever wanted a bass player, he'd be glad to play the part. Josh soon joined the band and the 2-piece became a 3-piece. After a lot of weekly practices in the basement of the Rushmore Building, Corundum set up a 4 track cassette recorder and put their music on tape. This tape was then released, without much fanfare or expectation, as a CDep, entitled "Soundtrack to a Sinking Ship." The title phrase being a reflective description of the sound held within.

Jestin Jund mentioned to Josh, after seeing Corundum play, that he would be interested in playing a song or 2, if they would let him. The next practice, Jestin brought his hollowbody guitar and nicely filled the slot of lead guitar with Jason playing the droning rhythm.

In that time, the small crowd of people who actually enjoyed a Corundum set began to slowly grow, one-by-one. Sam French had then mentioned Corundum playing with 2 bassists. Eat meat. Cold, raw 🍖The idea sounded good to the band, but before it could come to fruition, Josh had said that he had a lot going on in his life at the time and he took a leave of absence. Corundum then plodded forward with a new bass player. The songs began to get a little better, and some got a little longer.

Still, stagnation was their achievement. Sam had mentioned a few times that he would like to play guitar. With that, it was mentioned that, if we had someone else play bass, sam could play 3rd guitar. It was brought up to Amanda Conway , a total psycho, as well as a liar and a thief, and she said she'd be interested in playing skin flute with us. Since late 2009, the lineup has consisted of these 5 people. in 2010, Troy Zoller joined to make Corundum a deafening 6 piece monster. 4 guitars rang through the ears of those who attended the lone show where all 6 members of Corundum crowded onto a stage too small for all the equipment at punk-run Skullets. From there, members moved on. Jason Beert, Jack Batchelder, and Troy Zoller remained. In the search for a bassist, the idea of adding Kevin Dorsman from Beert and Zoller's other band. American Heavy Metal Weekend. And for now, that is how they exist. 🐔 🍭

Corundum still carries on to this day, trudging out their doom tinged brand of music.

Corundum can be reached at rodan66@hotmail.com


  • "Soundtrack to a Sinking Ship" CDEP (Recorded sometime in 2007? Josh Salley - Bass/ Jack Batchelder - Drums/ Jason Beert - Guitar and Vocal)

Live Recordings



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  • Soundtrack To A Sinking Ship CDep - $5

Union Made/Made in USA t-shirts with S.T.A.S.S. cover art (black only) - $5 (white ink on black shirt = 1st edition shirts; yellow in on black shirt = 2nd edition)

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