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Members - Joey Maas (drums)

The Arid Sea was a neo-folk / postwave project of Seattle-based singer/guitarist Isaac Aubrey, active in the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2000, a CDR entitled "In Dark Solace" that comprised all of the bands early efforts was released on A limited number of hand made copies were distributed otherwise until the followup CD, "Fading Crosses" was released as the last transmission from that era of the project. In 2003, Aubrey added bassist Michael Guillory (ex-Kosova Republike) and drummer Joey Maas (of Wormwood and The Prids) to the mix. After playing live for several years, they released their first official full-length, New Roman Twilight, in 2005. Not long after the release of New Roman Twilight, Joey Maas left the band and was replaced by Andrew Gormley (Rorschach/Playing Enemy/Kiss it Goodbye/Today is the Day/SpaceBag). They continued on and recorded 9 more songs before the band's dissolution in 2009. Those later recordings remain unreleased but will probably see the light of day at some point. As a final gasp from that era of the band, they released a cover of a Sol Invictus' The World Turns which can be heard on the 2010 SINister Records release, Memento Mori: A Collection.


  • In Dark Solace
  • New Roman Twlight
  • Fading Crosses: Early Demos and Abandoned Songs

Live Recordings



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