American Heavy Metal Weekend

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American Heavy Metal Weekend
Years Active 2001(?)-present
Members - Shawn "Skip" Nagel (vocals)
- Jason Beert (drums)
- Kevin Dorsman (bass)
- Troy Zoller (guitar/vocals)
- Dale Morrison (vocals)
- Chad Taylor (vocals)
- Jason Ader (drums)
- Brad Petersen (guitar)
- Justin Patterson (guitar)

80's-90's punks playing 80's punk covers (for the most part). We formed to keep the older songs alive, and to spread our love of older punk songs on to the younger generation.


  • All the songs we play were recorded by the original bands (and they sound much better than we ever could).

Live Recordings

April 3, 2009



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  • We had some hats at one point. Kids keep asking about shirts, so maybe we'll see what the future holds.

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