400 Miles Of Shit

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Years Active 1996-1999
Members - Donnie Stanley (guitar)
- Shane Critel (vocals)
- Jason Ader (drums)
- Chris Meyers (bass)
- Craig Henry (guitar)

The distance along I-90, from one end of South Dakota to the other, is approximately 400 miles.

400 Miles Of Shit was formed in late 1996 by Donnie and Jason, soon after B.A.I.L. broke up. It started out as a two piece, with Donnie on Guitar and Jason on Drums. Jason was just learning how to play drums, and, at first, it was just a not-so-serious project for the two of them. It started to get a little more serious when Chris Meyers joined in on Bass. But still, it didn't truly get off the ground until recent Lincoln, Nebraska, transplant, Shane Critel, joined the band on vocals. At 21 years old, Shane was easily 4 years older than everyone else in the band. He quickly took on the roll of older brother, pushing the band forward with great momentum. He drove the style and aesthetic of the band. He was both the frontman and a manager. He did everything from buying a van, to introducing the other band members to new music, to helping the them find and purchase music equipment (he talked Donnie into buying a zebra-striped BC Rich). Shane even brought Craig Henry in as a 2nd guitarist. Craig was a much needed addition to the band. He filled out the sound and rounded out the interpersonal dynamics.

The musical style of 400 Miles Of Shit was primarily influenced by punk bands like Discharge, Crucifix, Amebix, and Doom. However, this was also the time when Black Metal, (and other styles of Nordic Metal), were finally becoming known to (certain) people in Rapid City, and the guys in 400 Miles Of Shit were really into that type of music as well. So, those influences ended up in their sound too, although in much subtler ways. A favorite album of everyone in the band at the time, was Rotting Christ's Triarchy Of Lost Lovers. It changed the way Donnie approached Guitar playing from there on out.

in 1998, 400 Miles Of Shit went on a 3-week tour, playing as far southeast as Little Rock, Arkansas, (opening for Dropdead) and Richmond, Virginia.

They broke up in early 1999.

Jason, Shane, Donnie, and Craig moved to Oregon in 1999.

Donnie ended up in Portland, where he formed Fall OF The Bastards.

Jason, Shane, and Craig, ended up in Eugene, Oregon, where they formed Fuckgodintheface with some people they met there. They would wreak havoc in Fuckgodintheface for the next 4 years.


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