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Image:IMG_6643.JPG|1995 Detroit Music Festival Flyer
Image:IMG_6643.JPG|1995 Detroit Music Festival Flyer
Image:hcMPLS.jpg|Minneapolis Show Flyer
Image:hcMPLS.jpg|Minneapolis Show Flyer
Image:SFL-Lincoln.jpg|Lincoln Show Flyer

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Years Active Dates Needed
Members - Luther Rochester (guitar/vocals)
- David Asscherick (bass/vocals)
- Nathan Martin (guitar/vocals)
- Dan Lochridge (drums/vocals)

SFL was started a few months after the dissolving of Via. The four friends had been carousing on the West side, frequenting Mini Mart with large sippers full of soda and playing pinball, and decided to form a band.

The practice space was a two-stall storage unit near the Coke bottling plant, just down the row from the former Via space, now occupied by Ture, Gene, and Mike's new band, which was shrouded in secrecy. The code name for the band was "Dark Rock," which was later made known to be Bellwether.

Singlefileline belonged to the "quiet pretty part, then LOUD jig-jig part comes up and surprises you" school of early emo.

The 7" was recorded at a studio in Denver, along with two extra tracks. Kara Lochridge played flute on the track Engine #9, which invited Jethro Tull comparisons henceforth. Luther recorded the 8-track recording in Dan's basement.

Highlights were the Detroit fest and a mini-tour that included the Columbus fest in 1995, playing with the likes of Christie Front Drive, Weston, and Cap'n Jazz.

Eventually Dave succumbed to the deliciousness of the vegan fare at Veggies restaurant and decided to become a 7th Day Adventist evangelist. On the day he gave away all his secular records, Dan L went to his house and grabbed up as many as he could, heroically explaining "I'm going to save them for when Dave comes to his senses and wants them back." Sadly, that day hasn't come.



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