Heavily Satanic Sextet 6/6/6

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Heavily Satanic Sextet 6/6/6
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There were many incarnations of the Heavily Satanic Sextet. The one pictured here was formed solely to play on June 6th, 2006, at the "666 Fest" at the St. Joe Pub, downtown Rapid City. This is definitely not the original incarnation, and I hope it's not the last. Notably, Josh Salley did play his custom made upside down cross guitar for this set, and we did cover State of the Union's "Rez-Erection."


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The Heavily Satanic Sextet was originally the house band of the Bucket of Blood. The rules were a) that the members had to be residents at the Bucket, and b) the could only play shows on Halloween or Friday the 13th.

The first show was Halloween 1995 in the Bucket of Blood basement, featuring Jeremy Walsh (bass), Troy Jaqua (guitar), Luther Rochester (drums and dry ice smoke), and Jeremy Hinzman's severed head (vocals).

The second show was on a Friday the 13th later that year at the Dahl. This show was more elaborate, with a spooky Neurosis-style video presentation by Jeremy Williamson. There were two guitars and Luther was on Moog. A large wall of amps and speaker cabinets provided what might be the loudest stage volume since Whitesnake at the Civic Center. There were approximately 75 people at the beginning of the set, and about 4 left at the end.