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Image:SJ-BandPic2.jpg|Band Photoshoot
Image:SJ-BandPic2.jpg|Band Photoshoot
Image:SJ-BandPic3.jpg|Band Photoshoot
Image:SJ-BandPic3.jpg|Band Photoshoot
Image:SJ-EarlyShow1.jpg|1985 Basement Show
Image:SJ-EarlyShow2.jpg|1985 Basement Show
Image:SJ-EarlyShow3.jpg|1985 Basement Show

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Social Joke
Years Active 1985 to 1998
Members - Robb Froschheuser (guitar/vocals)
- April Froschheuser (bass/vocals)
- Troy Zoller (guitar/vocals)
- Tim Harrington (drums)
- Corey Froschheuser (guitar/vocals)
- Doug Kieper (vocals)

Description still needed.


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