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A few of us decided that it would be really cool if anybody could hear all of the great talent that Rapid City has produced, at least as far as punk is concerned. What better way to accomplish this than to put it all online at one convenient web page. You are now looking at our best attempt to do just that. We will be constantly expanding/updating/improving this site as time goes on. If you see something that isn't right or know something that we don't, please let us know.

If you have material that you think should be added, please click contact the webmaster at webmaster@rcpunkarchive.com.

Current Contributors

  • Jason Ader - Contributed photos and music
  • Jason Beert- Scanning photos and flyers, contributed music
  • Adrian Benham - Contributed music
  • Jessica Catron - Contributed video and audio
  • Darsha Cecil - Contributed photos
  • Brett Clark - Encoding/uploading tracks, scanning/uploading pictures & art, contributed music, photos, art, and video
  • Andy Daigle - Contributed stickers and flyers
  • Larry Dean - Contributed Photos
  • Dan Dittmer - Contributed flyers, art, and stickers
  • Sara Ellis - Contributed zines
  • Michael Haeder - Contributed art and audio
  • Jerry Harp - Contributed pictures
  • Matthew Heard - Contributed flyers
  • Dustin Jabowski - Contributed flyers
  • Craig Jackson - Contributed music and photos
  • Matt Kluber - Contributed music, zines, photos, flyers, and art
  • Ross Kroetch - Contributed flyers
  • Kevin Lien - Encoding/uploading tracks & video, webpage design
  • Ture Lillegraven - Contributed music
  • Dan Lochridge - Contributed music, photos, and videos
  • Brooke Miller - Contributed flyers
  • Ruth Milne - Contributed photos
  • Brad Petersen - Contributed music and photos
  • J. Waylon Porcupine - Contributed photos and videos
  • John Ratigan - Contributed music
  • Charles Micheal Ray - Encoding/uploading tracks
  • Adrienne Rochester - Contributed photos
  • Luther Rochester - Contributed zines, music
  • Josh Salley - Contributed photos and video
  • Tyrone Schock - Contributed photos
  • Jason Severson - Contributed photos
  • Kris Shields - Contributed photos
  • Shannon Smith - Contributed photos
  • Terry Taylor - Contributed flyers
  • Shane Thomas - Contributed video
  • Matt Vidal - Scanned and uploaded photos
  • Mike Vinton - Contributed photos
  • Jason Wade - Contributed flyers
  • Ryan Ward - Web page design
  • April Weisz - Contributed music
  • Troy Zoller - Contributed photos